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NEW Teckwrap Acrylic Cake Topper

NEW Teckwrap Acrylic Cake Topper

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Cake toppers are the ultimate emblem of happiness, fun and festivity. If you are buying cake toppers, you are surely celebrating a special occasion may it be a birthday, new year, promotion, anniversary, gender reveal, baby shower, Christmas, retirement, graduation or any good news that calls for celebration with friends and family. The best place to get your cake toppers for any lively get together is from Teckwrap Craft and here is why.

Our cake toppers are blank and come in different shapes, sizes and colours giving you a lot of room for creativity. Available is sets of five they have different finishes as well. The options are Pink Round, Blue Round, Mirror Gold Round, White Round, Clear Heart, Clear Round, Clear Hexagon, Big Clear Round and Big Clear Heart. The Mirror Gold Round cake topper has a shiny, reflective finish adding a touch of shimmer to your decorations. Get the right size and colour according to your cake, and the shape of your choice. Since our cake toppers are blank, you can display your ingenuity and transfer any message or image or both on them, hence they are perfect for themed parties as well.

Our premium quality, luxury cake toppers can be custom designed using vinyl. With so many textures and designs in vinyl available, the sky is the limit for any DIY crafter and professional designer. Carve your design using a craft cutter according to the width of the topper then weed out the parts that are not needed. Apply transfer tape to your design, remove the backing sheet, stick the design to the cake topper and remove the transfer tape. Voila! A perfect, personalized cake topper is ready to decorate the creamy delight and impress your guests!


  • Available in different shapes and sizes: Round, hexagon and heart shaped.
  • Colors available: Pink, blue, mirror gold, white and clear.
  • Thickness:1.3mm
  • You can easily write or paint on them or decorate them with a vinyl decal.
  • Our cake toppers can make a simple cake look fancy. It can also be used on other baked items such as cupcakes, pies or quiche.


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