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Teckwrap Shimmer Permanent Vinyl

Teckwrap Shimmer Permanent Vinyl

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Make your crafty projects stand out with our Shimmer Adhesive Craft Vinyl roll. It's smooth, shimmery surface instantly catches the eye and can be easily transferred from surface to surface. Beautifully combining durable colors and shimmery tones, this vinyl is a cost-saving solution for your art ventures. TeckWrap Craft’s vinyl rolls live up to their promised quality with clutter-free cutting and weeding. 

Enjoy carving sparkly wall decals, handicraft, signage, book covers, and banners. Our Shimmer adhesive vinyl conform to every shape, size, contour, and angle. Decorate your work spaces and home interior with inspiring, glittery wall letters that quickly brighten up your day! 

This stunning vinyl sticks easily and doesn’t leave gluey residue behind making it perfect for temporary art projects. Above all, Shimmer Adhesive Craft Vinyl is waterproof making it an ideal pick for low maintenance craft. 

TeckWrap Craft recommends a test cut to ensure you get the parameters right each time. 


  • Size: 
    • 12“ x 5ft .(0.3 x 1.55m)
  • Extremely durable – conforms to any shape or size
  • Surface-friendly and easy to work with 
  • Incredibly versatile – ideal for wall decals, banners, book covers, mugs, signage, handcraft
  • Attractive shimmery tones that give an edge to your art projects
  • Easy to cut and weed without any clutter or mess
  • Waterproof vinyl – able to withstand moisture ensuring its shimmery color remains intact 


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