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Custom DTF Decals

Custom DTF Decals

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Instructions for your order:

Please upload your image in PNG format and ensure it meets the measurements listed

Your image must have a transparent background, any white backgrounds left on images will be printed 

As this product is heat transfer, please ensure your image is flipped

What is sent is printed- no altering or adjustments are made on our end so please ensure your design is the size that you have purchased

In house, we personally use Canva for all of our custom DTF and we recommend customers use this if they don’t have a platform of preference


Whilst we aim to complete orders within 24 hours, please allow up to 5 working days for any orders of/including custom DTF.



🩷 Make sure your garment is clean and smooth

💙 Pre-Heat your choice of heat press, whether its a heat press/mini press or iron (for the bib we did 150c)

🩷 Place your design facing upwards and then press for around 35 seconds

💙 Leave heat press on

🩷 Remove from the heat press and leave until the garment has cooled down. DTF NEEDs to be cool before you remove the transfer sheet. Once cool remove the transfer sheet

💙 Apply a Teflon Sheet (can purchase from Amazon)

🩷 Re-Press for a further 5 seconds 

💙 Your garment is now ready to use 😍

 Once your order has been printed, we will delete your file off of our system. If you anticipate wanting reprints in the future, please ensure you keep your file saved.

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