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Flavour Up Water Bottles & Pods Bottles all Round shaped pods/bottles

Flavour Up Water Bottles & Pods Bottles all Round shaped pods/bottles

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Flavour Up Water Bottles - Smell not taste the flavour! 



Pods SOLD SEPARATELY on this link

7 flavours to choose on and works on around 5liters of water

The scent pods are designed to make you think you are drinking flavoured water but actually it’s plain water.

pods are sold singles 


  • Special water drinking experience: Thanks to the power of the fragrance, the aromas in each capsul allow you to enjoy a fruity taste by simply drinking spring or soda water. Each Pod is designed to work exclusively with the Water Bottle to give you maximum drinking pleasure.
  • New Safe Drinking Way: No sugar, no calories, more fun: simply drink water while enjoy exciting aromas. Refreshing your favourite flavour from soft drinks, juice, pumpkin or syrup without worrying about sugar and additional chemicals. All the benefits of drinking water, but with a tastier experience - perfect for you, your family and even kids!
  • Flavoured according to fragrance: 80% of the aromas you experience are fragrances, no flavours. Activating the flavored capsul on your flavour up water bottle stimulates your brain in believing it is drinking fruit infused water instead of drinking tap water or carbonated water.
  • Recyclable: each aroma capsul is 100% recyclable. In combination with your refillable bottle, you can reduce the consumption of almost 150 unique plasti bottles per year! Good for you, good for your health and perfect for the environment.
  • These are none returnable once opened

Using high-quality raw materials. Fruit Scented Pod has no odor and is safe to use. Strong toughness, not easy to break, solid and durable. 

These are none returnable, if you only taste water then you need to trick your brain in believing your drinking the flavour not just drinking water.


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