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NEW Teckwrap Sparkle HTV

NEW Teckwrap Sparkle HTV

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Play with Magic

Sparkle Heat Transfer Vinyl is simply magical with its iridescent color shift qualities whenever light plays with it, and the amazing sparkle. The beautiful vinyl film can transform any mundane craft or apparel into a shimmery piece of superb workmanship. Imagine a monotone shirt with a gleaming chameleon shimmer design in the center. It will not only add life to it but will project the wearer as one with a fun, happy demeanor. This product is for those who exude confidence and love a shimmery, cool outlook. 

Hassle-free Application

Our premium quality Sparkle HTV is available as a 12"x5ft  vinyl film with excellent dimensional stability and application characteristics. The size is manageable and you can easily cut any intricate pattern as it is compatible with all craft cutters. You can create amazing designs with it on cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends and similar fabrics. With pressure sensitive adhesive, it is durable and long lasting, and is easy to cut, weed and apply. Cut the design on your preferred cutter and weed off the extra vinyl. Keep it at the desired spot on the fabric with a parchment paper on top and transfer using a dry, home iron or a heat press machine. If using the home iron, evenly press on the whole design for 30 seconds. If using a heat press, set the temperature to 290-310℉ and apply medium pressure for 10-15 seconds. Let the design cool down before peeling off the protective film. Behold the stunning finish! 

Add life to your project

Sparkle HTV is made up of high quality polyurethane material that is eco-friendly and perfectly safe to wear. Its color does not fade and the glitter flakes remain intact for many washes. It is available is brilliant shades of navy blue, azure blue, olive yellow, gold, tomato, milky white and silver. You can create personalized gifts with it, or use it on Christmas, Halloween or for themed parties. You can transform your apparel and accessories with it such as shirts, t-shirts, bags, shoes and so on, and you can use it to create amazing home décor items. Where creativity is concerned, the sky is the limit!      


● Highly durable and waterproof, it can give a new look to T-shirts, dresses, sweatshirts, jackets, pillows, hoodies, jeans, backpacks and home décor items so on. 

● Eco-friendly and safe to wear. 

● Available in seven different colors with an overlay of sparkle.

● Vinyl film size available: 12"x5ft


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